playstation 4 internet connection issues

playstation 4 internet connection issues

Follow these steps to configure your Ps4 internet connection:

Find the best DNS Server:

There are many free programs that could help you to find the best DNS servers, in this article we will choose the easiest and fastest programs (DNS Benchmark or Namebench). At this step we need a computer running Windows or Max OS X or Linux.

We will be using DNS Benchmark in this tutorial. You can find it at this link : DNSBench.exe , choose the right version for your operating system and download it.

After downloading and installing the program in your computer proceed with the following:
  • 1. Open DNS Benchmark and click on Nameservers.
    Dns Nameservers
  • 2. Wait a few moments while the list of DNS servers is loaded.
  • 3. Click on Run Benchmark.
    Dns Nameservers
  • 4. Wait again until the DNS benchmark is finished.
  • 5. Click on Not Now Button.
    Dns Nameservers
  • 6. Make sure to sort by fastest servers by making sure that "fastest" is checked and "response time" is chosen.
    Dns Nameservers
  • 7. Write the first two DNS Servers down to use them later.

Choose the best MTU size:

There are two methods can help you with choosing the MTU size, we will choose the easy one.

  • 1. Open this website: MTU Tester
  • 2. Press on test it button.
    Mtu settings for ps4
  • 3. Wait until the website complete the test.
  • 4. Scroll down the page to find the best MTU size.
    Mtu settings for ps4
  • 5. Write down the MTU shown in the results so we can use it later.

Setup a Static IP Address in Your Playstation 4 and assign the MTU and DNS:

Note If you already know how to choose un reserved ip address number on your network and the Subnet Mask, skip the first seven steps and go for Step 8.

  • 1. Open your computer Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
  • 2. Enter this command or simply copy and paste it: ipconfig | findstr /i "Gateway" .
  • 3. You should see something like this: Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
  • 4. This number is the address of your gateway, you will take this number and change the last digit the last dot 192.168.1.___) to any other number from 2 to 254 but make sure the the address is not reserved by any other device on the network and also write it down, for example (
    Note to make sure that the ip is not reserved open command prompt like step 1 and write this command : ping followed by space then the IP you want to test, if you received something like "Destination host unreachable" it means that this IP is not used by any other device at the moment and you can use it.
  • 5. Open command Prompt again like step 1 and enter this command: ipconfig | findstr /i "Subnet"
  • 6. You should see something like this: Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
  • 7. Write down the Subnet mask number, for example (
  • 8. Power on your Playstation 4 console.
  • 9. Click the Settings option.
    Playstation 4 internet connection setup
  • 10. Then choose Network.
    Playstation 4 internet connection setup
  • 11. Now select the option of Setup Internet Connection.
    Playstation 4 internet connection setup
  • 12. Choose your internet connection type (Wifi or LAN cable).
  • 13. At IP Address Settings page Select Manual, and you are now on the internet connection setup page.
    Playstation 4 internet connection setup
  • 14. Enter the ip adress (the one you chose before at Setup a static IP address => Step 4).
    Playstation 4 internet connection setup
  • 15. Enter the subnet mask (The one you received in - Setup a static IP address => Step 6).
  • 16. Enter the Default Gateway (The one you also received in Setup a static IP address => Step 3).
  • 17. Enter the primary and Secondary DNSs you wrote down before (Find the best DNS Servers => Step 7) then click next.
  • 18. At MTU settings page, select manual.
    MTU settings for ps4
  • 19. Enter the MTU size that we got at (Choose the best MTU size => Step 5) and click next.
    MTU settings for ps4
  • 20. At proxy server page, select Do not use
    Proxy setting for playstation 4
  • 21. Select Test internet connection.

Port Forwarding:

At this step you have to open some ports at your router to make sure that you get Nat Type:2 and smooth online gaming.

  • 1. First you need to know the user name and password for your router and also the router address (gateway) it should be somthing like, if you don't know the gateway go to Step 3 at Setup a Static IP Address.
  • 2. Find the router manufacturer and model (you should find them at the back label of the router).
  • 3. We will open required ports from Playstation, go to this website:
  • 4. Choose the router manufacturer then choose the router model.
  • 5. Enter the ip address of your playstation 4 (Step 5 in Setup a Static IP Address) like below.
    Port forwarding for playstation 4
  • 6. Then scroll down the page and just follow the instructions from the images.
  • 7. The required ports are 80,443,1935,3478-3480
Note Many games required other ports to be opened with the previous ports, you will find here the list of games: All games ports choose your game and open its ports like what we did at the previous method, Please make sure that you don't open the same port more than one time, just open the new ports that you didn't open before.

For wifi users only (Choose the best availble Channel to avoid interference):

  • 1. From any android mobile download and install an app called Wifi Analyzer from here: Wifi Analyzer.
  • 2. Click on the eye icon on the top left of the screen
  • 3. Choose channel rating
  • 4. Click on please tap here to set an Ap
  • 5. Choose your network
  • 6. After choosing your network name, you will find under the network name your Current CH:, and may found under the current channel Better channel,if you found Better channel write them down or save them and go back to your router web admin configuration page.
  • 7. At the router's page search for wireless setting then change the channel, it may be under the wireless tab directly or under advanced wireless setting.

Hope that this tutorial will help you, happy gaming :)


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